The Company’s core collection produced under the branding of KARPET includes ladies’ and men’s hats and caps. Our designers work out models beginning with ladies’ hats of rabbit felt or cheaper goods of wool felt, over sewn hats and caps up to men’s felt hat and sewn caps collection. Knitted caps, gloves and shawls are represented, too. In summertime this brand covers also straw hats, crochet hats and handbags, model sports sewn summer hats. Model collection is produced under the brand of KARPET.


brand includes our products for kids. HUGO collection presents little caps for babies over to caps for schoolchildren. Core items for spring and autumn include caps sewn of stretch cotton knits. Also caps and hats of linen, crepe and madeira materials for summertime. KARPET catalogue also offers sports hats collection and baseball caps. For wintertime then caps, shawls and little gloves of fleece, micro-fleece, and cuddle micro-fleece. You can find there a collection of knitted caps, shawls and gloves.


represents a collection of scarves and shawls made of satin and chiffon, then all kinds of pareos, pashminas and evening wraps. Wintertime items include knitted and woven ponchos, knitted or woven shawls. These are complemented with caps and gloves to make trendy sets. Terms and Conditions